DiKon stems from a common wish to improved efficiency in the digital building process amoung the seven DiKon member organisations.

DiKon’s vision is to develop improved industry standards, that builds upon a joint understanding of the need for efficient standards, which supports the collaboration in the digital building process.

Common for any standard published by DiKon is that all standards are deliberately developed from open standards and publications from MOLIO (former bips) and Building Smart amongst others.     

By doing so DiKon makes it easier for collaborators in the digital building process to effectively comply to the requirements of “Håndtering af digitale byggeobjekter” and ”Anvendelse af digitale bygningsmodeller” in the IKT-bekendtgørelserne, which has been one of the cornerstones in digital construction since 2007.

Furthermore DiKon provides a solution for how to compose and structure tenders in a way which achieves common project documents for the benefit of the tendering parties.

In addition DiKon has committed to mediate results, experiences and solutions for the benefit of anyone who wishes to utilise these.