DiKon is developing digital standards for the construction industry

The digitalization of the construction industry is fully underway and in a need for digitalized standards as known within the building industry.

Therefore DiKon is undertaking the development of construction versions of the known specifications for delivery and building parts. The ambition is to broaden the value of the new publications to the construction, just as was the case with the publications regarding the building industry.

By doing so DiKon is aiming to support both a higher level of digital transformation within the construction industry and to support a better utilization of digital tools in the interdisciplinary cooperation between organisations.

As for now the construction industry is missing a publication of digital standards in regards to soil layers, the amount of soil, constructions of piers and bridges and other aspects which are relevant for the construction industry. The DiKon member organizations have identified a need for developing a common tool to clarify agreements regarding levels of information and delivery and by doing so strengthening collaboration.        

The upcoming tool is being developed with inspiration from both national and international initiatives and the initial steps have been taken in the process of developing a tool for use in the construction industry.

The ambition is to have a “construction-specification” ready for use during 2020.       

Besides the described publication, DiKon is planning to add a section in the “Delivery specification for building models”, as the two publications are highly linked.

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